What's the Worst Mother's Day You've Ever Had?


worst mother's day

photo by honeybee69

Is Mother's Day for the birds?

Mother's Day is coming up and I'm not sure what to expect. Actually, let me rephrase that: I know to expect nothing, especially if last year was any indication.

It was my first Mother's Day. I was excited. My sister had a lovely brunch for several moms including my mother and me. Mr. Cafe Suzanne did nothing. He gave me a card from my baby that was "for someone special" who's "like" a mother. I was upset. I expected something a bit more sentimental to commemorate my first big day—not a pricey gift, but something thoughtful. I certainly didn't want a card that wasn't even for a mom. When I complained to my sister, she said that her husband never did anything for her for Mother's Day. I was floored. If your kids aren't old enough to do something special shouldn't their father step up to the plate?


Work It, Mom! is running a contest for the worst Mother's Day gift story. The prize is a $25 gift certificate to Amazon. So if your husband is the type who says things like "I didn't realize Mother's Day was a real holiday," or "What, I'm supposed to get you something? You're not my mother!" click on over and share your story. You might just win yourself a little something.

Do you think husbands and boyfriends and significant others should celebrate their children's mother on Mother's Day or do we have to wait until our babies are old enough to do it themselves? What's the worst Mother's Day you've ever had? What was the best?

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