Stay-Dry Bath Apron and Towel: Love it or Leave it?


stay-dry towel apron baby bath towel

photo from Mom Finds

My mother likes to encourage all of her grandchildren to splash in the tub. Needless to say, mommy ends up getting as wet as her baby—even though I'm outside the tub. This must be why some clever person came up with the idea for the Stay-Dry Bath Apron and Towel, $21.99, at Target.


The soft, thick, one-size-fits-all "apron" keeps you dry as you bathe your baby, and you can just scoop him into it when bathtime is over. It comes in three colors (green, blue, and pink), and a matching bath mitt is included with each apron.

Do you have a Stay-Dry Bath Apron? Would you buy one?

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