Milestones: What Makes Your Baby Smile?


baby's first smile milestones

photo by Britt1984

Babies make people smile. Grouchy old people, young children, bored-by-everything teens, harried men, businesswomen—just about every person you encounter will smile when they see a baby. Even dogs will wag their tails. Don't believe me? Just take a stroll around the block with your baby and see for yourself. Amazingly, all those smiles will happen before your baby even begins to smile himself. When that happens, you're in for an even bigger treat. The happiness people get in making a baby smile back at them is really special. You'll have a whole new perspective on humankind.



When it comes to smiling, a lot of people will tell you that very young babies are incapable of it and that it's just gas. Don't believe them for a minute. My baby has been smiling since the day she was born and she hasn't stopped since. Not a day has gone by that she doesn't make me smile too.

Many of the moms on CafeMom are sharing their smiling baby stories:

"It seems as if when we least expect it, our babies know exactly when we need a smile the most. No matter if my day is going horrible, Jensen, my little man cheers me up—and makes every day the best day ever." — Aracelys

"My baby is only three months old and has been smiling since day one. He wakes up laughing at me. He's so cute!" — TONY446

"Elizabeth loves to be held in the air and if you nibble on her sides like a bunny she can't stop laughing!  Elizabeth smiles whenever I smile at her and if i make noises." — IzzyBeths-mommy

"My daughter started smiling at about five weeks and she'd smile at anyone but me! At nine weeks, she smiles all the time and is starting to laugh. I love it! She never smiles when she has gas—she just gets a real strange look on her face like she's thinking way too hard." — letlovegrow

"Ella smiles when she cries, when she's tired, I swear she came out smiling! She has never not smiled." — HisServant4ever

"My 3-month-old is a smiling maniac. He giggles too.  He's developing more and more personality with each day. — Carly67

"My oldest son grinned in response to my smile at about two weeks. He did it consistently, so I'm convinced it wasn't gas!Bmat

"Shiloh smiles all the time—even when she's crying! I look at her and smile real big. She'll stop crying and smile for a minute, and then continue." — kimberly7952

What makes your baby smile?




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