Milestones: How Does Your Baby Crawl?

baby crawling milestones

Photo by akme10607

What perfect form!

"That's the best stage." I can't tell you how many times I heard that when my baby was a cute little Buddha baby who could sit up, but couldn't move. I could plop her down on the floor and still get a few things down while she was in my range of vision and not worry about her going anywhere. All that changed when she was six months old.



That's when she started to "crawl." She didn't move perfectly on her hands and knees the way you or I would crawl (which is also the way her dance teacher says is crucial to symmetrical development—whatever). She used only her upper body and the big toe of her right foot. She'd struggle mightily to lift her little body up as if she were doing a push-up and then she'd push off on her big toe and continue to do that to motor around. She ended up with a huge callus on that toe, and it looked painful, but that didn't stop her from getting where she wanted to go.

Her friend started crawling when she was about nine months, and her crawl was just as unique and adorable. She basically "crawled" in a downward dog position. She'd push her body off the ground so her arms were straight and her legs were also straight in a big V (her head would be hanging upside down and she'd be looking backwards through her legs). She'd then scuttle around the room this way. It looked awkward, but it worked for her.

Sure, once my baby started crawling it meant we were on to a new stage—one in which I needed to follow her around the room while she got into all sorts of mischief. But like every stage, it was fun—and fleeting. I'm just trying to enjoy them all while they last.

Is your baby on the move yet? Does he or she have a unique crawl?



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