Milestones: What Were You Doing The First Time Your Baby Rolled Over?

when should baby roll over

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The first time my baby rolled over, I missed it. I saw it coming for days and I would always watch and encourage her. But on her Big Day, I was talking on the phone, taking notes with my head down and when I looked up, my daughter had rolled over. I was so excited for her—but also a little sad that I missed her very first time.


Rolling over is one of the first developmental milestones that a baby reaches that involves a lot of movement so it's no wonder moms get so excited about it. Here at CafeMom, they're sharing their happy moments everywhere—in the After Pregnancy: Babies & Toddlers group, in journal posts, and in Answers. Here are some of the happy highlights:

"He rolled over! And now he does it every time we put him on his stomach! I'm so excited it's not even funny!" — ajc0623

"My little boy rolled over yesterday. My husband said that he was slower than the other babies his age—this made me a little upset, but we showed him. I was watching him try to roll over and I noticed his foot kept slipping. He would get part of the way there and then he would be back on his tummy. I put a pair of shoes on him and laid him on his tummy. As soon as I laid him down, he rolled over. I am so proud of my little man!" natashaz

"A friend and I were sitting on the floor in my bedroom looking through books when my son rolled over for the first time. I literally jumped up and screamed I was so happy." mlmartinez

"When my son rolled over the first time I was so excited I called everyone!" MumsTheWord571

"My son would only roll over in his sleep for about two months, and when I finally caught him in action I was so happy!" Myndi

"I laid my daughter down on her play mat undressed. I started a load of laundry and remembered she was half naked, so I asked my mom to dress her for me. When i looked in on her on the floor she had rolled from her back to her tummy Yay! That was awesome to see—she's been able to go from her tummy to her back since she was two weeks old." — Rayna_Cassy

Is your baby rolling over yet? What were you doing the first time it happened?

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