Pamper Your Baby Like a Celebrity Mama

Have you heard about Baby Silk? It's a line of personal care products for babies that was developed by two moms, who also happen to be pediatricians. Celebrities like Christina Aguilara, Sheryl Crow, Jaime Pressly, and Halle Berry are all fans.


I haven't tried the products, but one of my CafeMom friend's told me about them and they look really cute. The line includes everything from hair and body wash to diaper rash cream to sunscreen towelettes, with prices ranging from $7.50 - $26 (sets will cost you more). The Baby Silk website is pretty informative—it has an ingredient dictionary of sorts and the "MD Moms" give advice, safety tips, and application how-tos.

Baby Silk contain mostly gentle and natural ingredients. However, the products do contain parabens (a synthetic preservative that has been linked to cancer). These preservatives are on some consumer's to-be-avoided list and a lot of companies have actually been reformulating their products to be paraben-free. To their credit, the "MD Docs" address their use of parabens, I think because they are such a hot-topic ingredient. Unfortunately, it's the one thing that will keep me from trying the line. But if you're not paraben-phobic and you want to give them a try, now would be a good time. During the month of October, Baby Silk is donating 15 percent of each sale to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

What are your favorite baby "beauty products"?


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