New Test Detects Autism in Infants

image by Art4Austism

According to the Autism Society of America, Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability and affects between 1 and 1.5 million Americans (1 in 150 births). Children are usually diagnosed with autism when they are toddlers but some say that is too late for intervention. But now an Australian scientist has developed a program that recognizes signs of autism in one-year-olds.


Associate professor Robin Young from Flinders University in Australia has a program that studies kids' behavior and the link to autism. She says, "In about 70 percent of kids, we're seeing that if they're not responding to their name at 12 months, they've gone on to receive a diagnosis of autism." She is hoping that her program will be released nationally in Australia. It would be so great if we had something like that in the U.S.

Here, we've got a lot of celebrities writing about autism, which Cafe Cynthia, CafeMom's Toddler Buzz blogger, talked about the other day. She discusses Dennis Leary's comment in his new book that autistic kids are either stupid or lazy, and Jennie McCarthy's claim hat her son has "recovered" from autism. Check out her blog and take the poll on which celebrity is doing more damage to the autism cause.

If there was an early intervention program in the U.S., would you get your baby tested for autism?

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