What Would You Buy Your Baby if Money Were No Object?


enchantd forest tree baby nursery

Photo from Cocoon Couture

I have been lusting over Cocoon Couture's Enchanted Forest Tree for months. It's so darn sweet and I'd love to put it in my daughter's nursery. It would fit right in with all the other birds and owls she has and adores.


The tree is made from environmentally friendly plywood and it's finished with non-toxic varnish. The leaf designs are silk screened (and inspired by vintage wallpaper).

So what's the problem? It costs about $500! Five hundred. There's no way I could ever spend that much on such a frivilous thing. I'll bet Suri Cruise has one in her room—heck, she probably has a whole forest.

It does look like something that some creative type could probably make on their own—but sculpting wood is not one of my talents. My poor baby will have to grow up with only the real trees outside her window to gaze upon. Still, I have the page bookmarked and I gaze at it longingly every so often, in the hope that it will go on extreme sale. Or in the event that I win the lottery.

What would you buy for your baby if you had oodles of money?


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