Swine Flu: How to Recognize Symptoms in Your Baby

swine flu and babiesThis whole Swine Flu thing has me a little nervous but I'm not that paranoid about it. My baby and I did have pork chops for dinner last night, which Cafe Kim says is perfectly safe. But if I were planning a trip to Mexico, I'd probably cancel it.

I think the chances of my daughter coming down with the disease are slim, but I did do a little research just to see what the warning signs are.


According to Ehow, here's what to look for in your baby:

1. Flu-like symptoms and a high fever over 101 degrees following a cold. A worsening cough is also a sign of Swine Flu.

2. A rash that accompanies the fever
or blue color to his skin (which indicates a lack of oxygen).

3. Dehydration (your baby stops drinking fluids) in addition to explosive diarrhea or vomiting.

4. Shortness of breath.

5. He seems as if he's in pain when you hold him, or tries to wriggle away and seems uncomfortable.

6. Failure to maintain eye contact or appears "flat" in affectation.

7. He will not wake up. 

You can also find good information on Swine Flu in the Healthy Living Buzz. I think the important thing is not to over-react, say, if your baby has a runny nose. If you're truly worried and you live in an area where you should be concerned, call your doctor.

Are you worried about your baby getting Swine Flu?

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