How Do You Store Your Breast Milk?

green guide baby breast milkstoring breast milkIf you pump your breast milk, you need a place to store it. Most moms use plastic bags and bottles, but are they the best choice? Joy, a mom who's breastfeeding two little ones, asked the Green Mama for a safe, environmentally conscious breast milk storage alternative. Here's what she had to say:


"For most food storage and for almost all food reheating, glass is the most practical answer, however, in your case I am not recommending glass. It isn’t that glass is bad for breast milk (as far as I know), it's that when you freeze things in glass it can break—it's horrible to lose any amount of expressed milk (and of course you would never want to feed a child anything that had ever been contained in broken glass even if you strained it). Instead, I am going to recommend that you store your milk in a safer plastic option.

Check out this cheat sheet on how to read recycling codes to see if what you have already is safe. Medela advertises that all of their products are PBA-free. Many of the other breast pump and storage companies now have BPA and phthalate-free options too. A caveat about plastic is that I recommend against heating, microwaving, or dish washing any of your plastic storage options. Heating allows plastic to release more of its chemicals and who knows what we will find out about today’s “safer” plastics tomorrow. This means allowing breast milk to thaw naturally or simply in warm water and then putting it in glass or stainless steel if warming up on a stove (breast milk should never be put into a microwave).

The other option is stainless steel. This can be used for storage and heating. There are an increasing number of stainless steel storage options, but I don’t know anything being marketed specifically for breast-milk storage. There are stainless still sippy cups that might work or other small tins."

How do you store your breast milk?

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