When the Going Gets Tough, Just Think Triplets!

photo by bctripletmom

It's Sunday and I'm pooped. Uh-oh. I've had help all weekend and tomorrow's Monday and I'll be on my own again. Being tired is not a good way to start the week. Then I think of Kerry Lyons and her husband Desmond. A few days ago, the New York couple brought identical triplet sons home from the hospital. Although the incidence of multiples has become more common because of infertility treatments, identical triplets are still a rarity. Some scientists estimate they occur in as few as 1 in 100 million births. When I think about how exhausted the Lyons must be, I feel a little better. I've always wanted twins and they run in my family on both sides, but triplets seem like another realm altogether (not to diminish the hard work all you Baby Mamas of twins put in). Would you like to have three at once?


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