I Just Had a Baby: What's Your Excuse?


how long can you use baby as an excuse

The best excuse ever! But for how long?

See that tiny little pink bundle in the photo above? It's all her fault. She is the reason:


1. My belly jiggles

2. My house is a mess

3. I'm late for everything

4. I haven't showered

5. My roots are showing

6. I don't make my husband dinner

7. I haven't exercised in months

8. I can't stay out late at night (except when I want to)

9. I have no money

10. For anything else I need an excuse for

kabbot01 asked "How long can you use the excuse you just had a baby?" with regard to losing post-pregnancy pounds. My favorite response was from admckenzie who said, "I'm still using it—and my baby is 30!"

It made me wonder how long I can use my baby as an excuse for all of the things mentioned above. Thirty years sounds good to me, but what do you think?

Do you use your baby as an excuse for things you do or don't do? How long do you think you can use him or her as an excuse?


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