Spiff Up Your Used Board Books for Kids in Need

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photo from Better World Books

My daughter loves books—she has since she was just a few days old. When she cried, I'd put her in front of our tall bookshelves and she'd immediately stop. She'd just stare at all the book titles for a while and then she'd fall asleep. Now she won't nurse unless she has a book in her lap that she can flip through and "read." Books make her so happy, I can't imagine what her life would be like without them. But not every baby is so lucky. I was inspired when I read a post about Spiffing Up Used Board Books for Kids in Need on enviromom.


Here's what I learned: In middle income neighborhoods, there's a ratio of 13 books to every child; in low income neighborhoods, the ratio is one book for every 300 kids. That's incredible. So the parents and kids in enviromom's school service club got together with the founder of the Children's Book Bank founder, and cleaned and sorted through donated used books to ready them for new homes.

I'm going to investigate starting a book program in my community. Why not start one in yours?

To get old board books ready for new little readers: Gently clean book covers and pages with towels; repair bindings with packing tape or clear contact paper. Erase or cover scribbles and inscriptions.

What do you do with all your worn, torn, baby board books?

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