Car Seat Cooler: Love it or Leave it?


carseat cooler car seat cooler car hot baby

photo from Baby Dagny

It's not even summer yet and my daughter is already sweating in her car seat despite the air conditioning I've been blasting to try and keep her cool. Maybe I should get her the Seat Chiller, $30, at Baby Dagny.


It's a one-size-fits-all car seat cooler made of vinyl, flannel, and flexible non-toxic ice packs. Here's how it works: You store it in the freezer and place it on the car seat, which will cool instantly. Remove the Seat Chiller, and then strap your child in.

According to the web site, "You can take it with you to use when running errands to keep the seat chilled between stops or anytime the car will be sitting in the hot sun." My question is, how does it stay cool in a hot car?

What do you think? Is the Seat Chiller worth a try?

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