Milestones: Baby's First Words

baby's first words

photo by Borikaos


A baby's language development is oh so sweet. They start out cooing, then they goo and they ga; after that they might throw in a "mama" or a "dada" here and there. We moms delight in every sound they make, and wait with bated breath for that first word to break through all the babble. What will it be?


Everyone will be interested in your baby's first word. Your child, too, will likely want to know the first word she ever said. My baby's first word was "baby." I was really excited about it at the time, but it's not nearly as, uh, interesting, as the unusual words the babies of these moms in the CafeMom Newcomers Club uttered.

"My son's first word was golfclub—he said it for months." — damira

"My daughter loved Taco Bell. When we would pull up, she'd yell out, 'Taco Bell no yettice!'  It wasn't so much a first word as a first sentence." — lorrie565

"My first word was Bob Hope." — ksinclair

"My daughter's first word was pretty—guess she heard that a little too much." — awgarcia

"My son's first word was at around 8 months. He said guitar, but it sounded like 'Guhh Taa.'" — trz031407

"My son's was Sponge Bob—he said it constantly for about a month." — mommyof035and6

"My fiance was always saying 'I'm spicy' like the guy in the Burger King commercial. My daughter picked it up and those were her first words." — jenf479

"It wasn't really a first word, but more of a first sound. My son would growl like my chihuahua. He still does it when he wants something—he'll reach for it and growl." — lindseyerin

What's your baby's talk like these days? Has she said her first word? What was it?

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