Should a Mom be Allowed to Sell Her Baby?


mom tries to sell babyA West Virginia mother tried to sell her 5-month-old baby boy for $10,000 after failing to bond with it. Rebecca Sue Taylor, 19, told Leigh Burr, the woman she was trying to sell the baby to, that she needed money for her apartment. Burr had been talking to Taylor about being a surrogate mother for her when she offered to sell her son. Taylor later reduced her asking price to $5,000. Burr reported the offer to the police and Taylor was arrested. She is being held in jail with bail of $2,500. In West Virginia, offering to sell a child carries a fine of $100 to $2,000 and one to five years in prison.

Was it okay for Taylor to try to sell her baby? Do you think she should be fined or go to jail or both?




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Jessy... Jessy0419

If a woman is going through an agency that will take the best interests of the child into account in regards to placement, then fine.  And really, is that so much different than placing a child for adoption?  In infant adoptions, the mother isn't given cash in hand, but don't the adoptive parents pay her medical expenses and then pay a large fee?  I've heard people say adopting a child is like buying a baby...and while adoption is a wonderful thing on both sides, we wouldn't be so horrified if this woman were placing her child up for adoption would we?  No, we wouldn't.

gaben... gabenmikeysmom

I'm horrified that this woman is trying to sell her baby. Adoption is made to be WAY different. First, adoption is for the good of the child, to provide the best loving home possible. And, if done correctly through an agency, background checks and other screening is done FOR THE SAFTY OF THE CHILD. This woman did not care about the safty of this child. She just cared about cold hard cash. And each adoption is different on "money". Usually, yes, the adoptive parents pay the medical bills because if they could have thier own they would have to anyways. Its just thier way of making a things easier for the birth mom.

loyo3000 loyo3000

No. I think it was wrong for her to try to make profit. It's understandable if a young mother feels unfit to raise her her child and wants to find a proper home for the baby...but "selling" the baby like crack on the street is just wrong.

Kaytl... Kaytlynsmommy

I honestly don't really know....hmm...Never really thought about this in depth. I guess the BEST way to go about it would to give it up for adoption... I don't know if you get any money this way, but the people that the baby would go to would prob. end up being better people if they were using an adoption agency, ya know? I really don't know... Would someone sell their teenager if they got sick of them and didn't "bond" with them anymore? This is a debatable topic. I would NEVER sell my kids cuz I love them too much...and even if I didn't, my family would KILL me before I could sell them, so I dunno....

dizzy... dizzy77702

I agree with the first woman, I mean for 9 mths she carried that baby and took care of her from the inside, if she wants compensation for all of her hard work then I think that is fine.  It isn't much different than adoption, since there is a fee it just doesn't go to the biological mother.  Don't get me wrong, I don't think a child is like a tv or something else you can sell but if it benefits the biological mother then I think it is fine, afterall she wouldn't be selling her baby if she wasn't in diar(sp?) straits.  Just MO though, so please no bashing.

Juicy... JuicyJuiceKids

There's a difference between selling a child and placing them up for adoption. A child is NOT a piece of furniture or clothing. God doesn't give us children so we can make a profit. If she needed money to pay rent, she should get a job, or go to a church or state agency for help. I think she should have gotten the jail time and fines. I wouldn't dream of selling my child! If I couldn't take care of him, I would put him up for adoption for someone who could.

alyss... alyssa2683

you have to remember though if you use adoption it is legal and you cant come back for your baby. if you sell your child, which is illegal you can come back for your child and yhou will have the rights to get your baby back which is not fair to the new parents and especially the child. if you decide you cant take care of your baby you can still put it up for adoption you dont have to put the baby up only at birth eventhouth that is ideal.

Lindalu2 Lindalu2

Are you kidding me? Why is this a question? There is no way in hell a woman could be allowed to SELL her baby. It is not even up for discussion. @@

JrsMo... JrsMommy07

Adoptionis fine and a good thing.. but selling your child and poceting the money.. WRONG!!! good for the lady for reoprting her :)

upint... upintrees

Allowing the "sale" of a child no matter how old opens a whole lot of doors that do not need to be opened.  This is why there is adoption.

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