Should a Mom be Allowed to Sell Her Baby?

mom tries to sell babyA West Virginia mother tried to sell her 5-month-old baby boy for $10,000 after failing to bond with it. Rebecca Sue Taylor, 19, told Leigh Burr, the woman she was trying to sell the baby to, that she needed money for her apartment. Burr had been talking to Taylor about being a surrogate mother for her when she offered to sell her son. Taylor later reduced her asking price to $5,000. Burr reported the offer to the police and Taylor was arrested. She is being held in jail with bail of $2,500. In West Virginia, offering to sell a child carries a fine of $100 to $2,000 and one to five years in prison.

Was it okay for Taylor to try to sell her baby? Do you think she should be fined or go to jail or both?


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