Should Baby Girls Wear Bikinis?

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babies and bikinis

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Summer's almost here—yippee! Everyone has been gearing up, and there's been a lot of talk on CafeMom about bikinis—not for moms but for babies. In the CafeMom Newcomers Club Tatumsmommy0123 said she bought a cute bikini for her 12-month-old. Her mother said it looked "trashy." So she wanted to know what everyone thought about babies in bikinis. People had a lot to say.

Some moms think it's absolutely adorable to see chunky thighs and chubby bellies in bikinis, others think that wearing a bikini "sexualizes" the baby and that it's "trashy." Some moms think it's okay for babies to wear bikinis but not for "older" girls (anywhere from a two-year-old to a teenager), while others thought just the opposite—bikinis aren't appropriate for babies but are fine for older girls.


Here are some of the highlights:

I think a little baby should have as little sun exposure as possible. — peanutsmommy1

It's so much easier to change diapers in a two-piece suit. — SWasson

i don't think there's anything wrong with two pieces as long as they're little—my daughter was very chubby so it was adorable. But once she gets older and starts becoming a young lady then no bikini. — reche1978

I think it's really cute but, I wouldn't let my daughter wear a bikini until she was a certain age. You never know what kind of pervert is going to be at the beach or the public pool. I'd look out for people aiming cameras at your little girl. Or make sure it's at your own home with only family you trust around. — MarineWife1108

Sometimes I think it's trashy depending on how old the baby is. I don't like it for girls ages 2 to 3 and older. — NJMom2Tyler

I think they're so cute. My girls wore one when they were young and I just kept them out of direct sunlight and put on some strong sunscreen. — YoungUrban

Unless you have your little girl in a thong and pasties, it's not trashy. If you think that way, maybe there is something wrong with you. I don't see how anyone could think it's trashy, they're babies for crying out loud! — chelli509

What do you think about babies and bikinis? Will you be getting one for your baby girl this summer?


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