Where Did You Make Your Baby?

It's date night and that always gets me thinking about other things like romance and you know, other stuff. So I was interested in this question that Sexiimami07 asked The CafeMom Newcomers Club members: "Do you remember where you may have conceived?" I love that she got so many responses and I love that everyone remembered. There were lots of couches, and bedrooms, and cars, and other not-so-obvious places. Here are the highlights:


3earthangels said, "In the restaurant bathroom. We just couldn't contain ourselves."

Sadie85 responded, "In a hotel room—could have been the bed, or floor, or chair, or the shower, or counter ..."

IImom1921 said, "On St. Patrick's Day in our drunken attempt to celebrate my husband's Irish heritage!"

LWright13 said, "At an amazing resort on the beach where my husband took me for my birthday."

about2beamommy wrote, "On the washing machine in my garage."

codashel wrote, "What happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas!"

And here's my favorite: "At my job," wrote GorditaBonita.

What a great job! (Turns out she was working at a non-profit agency)

Hope you all have a great Saturday night. And remember where you are ... just in case.

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