Jennifer Garner Dishes About Her New Baby

jennifer garner babyJennifer Garner is just a regular mom. Her biggest challenge, she says, is the "morning combo" of nursing 3-month-old Seraphina, while getting 3-year-old Violet ready for school. Nighttime can be just as hectic—Violet wants to be rocked, the baby wants to nurse, and husband Ben Affleck wants to chat. But despite these typical mom moments, Jennifer says there are some great things about having babies.


"I'm so sure of her sweetness as a person," Garner says of Seraphina, which means "Angel" in Hebrew. "We've only known her for a few months, but she's taught me that there's an innate goodness in people that's real, and it's there from birth."

Jennifer credits her older daughter, Violet, with teaching her to stop and smell the roses. "Once, when she was 6 months old, I was nursing her and kind of in a hurry," says Garner. "I was impatient, and she was really taking her time, just staring at the ceiling. So I looked up, and the way the light was playing on the ceiling was so beautiful. I wouldn't have noticed that on my own."

For the rest of Jennifer Garner's interview and more on her babies and Ben, check out the May issue of InStyle, or read it right here on Celebrity Baby Blog.

What have you learned from your baby?


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