First Birthdays: Who Do You Want to Like the Gift More, The Baby or Her Mom?


first brithday gifts

photo by cafemama

Everyone in my daughter's play group is turning one in the next few months and there will be parties to celebrate. When I think of gifts to get the kids for their first birthday, I think about what their moms would like and want them to have rather than what they might like. Should I be getting something with the baby in mind and forget about what mom wants? Should you get something plastic and shiny for a baby whose mom buys all wood toys? Should you buy Elmo for the child of a mom who has sworn off T.V.?


Alpha Mom says, "The favorite and most memorable toys for the child will probably annoy the crap out of the parents, while anything really useful for parents is going to bore and underwhelm the birthday girl. So you kind of have to pick who the present is really for and just aim to please them. On the one hand, a one-year-old is not going to have any idea what's going on. She'll likely be off her schedule, overwhelmed, overstimulated, and confused. On the other hand, it is still her party, and her birthday, and after all the baby showers and baby gifts, it's nice to start shifting the focus to her—as a separate little person from her parents. If I were buying a toy for a one-year-old today, I'd go with the Ball Popper; if I were buying a gift for the parents of a one-year-old, I'd go with books."

But that still doesn't tell me who I should be buying the gift for.

Who do you have in mind when you're buying gifts for a baby's first birthday party? Are you trying to please the parents or give the baby something you know he'll love?

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