Vaccinations: Ease Your Baby's Pain


baby vaccination pain

photo by StarMommy77

If you're a mom who vaccinates and you breastfeed your baby, you might be interested in this recent research published in the Journal of Pediatrics: Your baby does feel the pain of a vaccination and, contrary to what some doctors will tell you, she can remember the procedure and anticipate pain the next time you take her to the doctor.

According to the article, "Even young children have a pain memory, causing them to anticipate painful procedures and react more intensely if they have undergone previous painful procedures with inadequate analgesia."

The good news is that there is something you can do to ease your child's pain.


It's simple: Breastfeed your baby during the vaccination. During the study, the researchers had some babies breastfeed during routine immunization, while others did not.  All of the infants were then evaluated for crying time and pain—researchers found the breastfeeding babies didn't experience as much pain or cry for nearly as long as babies who did not breastfeed during immunization.

Have you tried breastfeeding your baby while he was getting vaccinated? Did it help with the pain?

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