What Was the First Song You Played for Your Baby?

baby's first songLots of moms play music for their babies when they're pregnant. But what about once the baby arrives? I don't remember the first song I played for my baby (just one of the many reasons I'm a bad mama), but some parents make that selection with extreme care.


Doug Schulkind, a New York City D.J., and his wife chose John Coltrane's A Love Supreme as their newborn daughter's "first song."

Jazz singer Rene Marie started writing lullabies and singing them to her sons after they were born. "I wanted them to know that music doesn't come from a record," she recently said on All Things Considered. "It comes from somebody singing. And they will quiet down and just stare at you. I love that feeling and having that impact on another human being."

Jeremy Eichler, the classical music critic for The Boston Globe, chose Bach's Art of Fugue for his son. "Of course I chose this music because it's music that I love," he says. "And yet, scientists are now telling us that infant music perception is actually very sophisticated, much more so than what you'd think when you're looking at a cute little blob sitting on your sofa."

Okay, I feel a little better knowing that all of these people have music related jobs and so music is at the top of their minds. But I still wish I had made note of the first song I sang to my baby.

What was the first song you played for your baby? Did you choose something special?

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