I Have No Money and Three Kids, Should I Have A Baby?


no money baby"I don't work and my husband just lost his job, but I'm sure he'll be able to get another one soon. We have three kids—ages one, two, and four—and we're thinking about having another baby. If we do have another baby, I want to name it Cocoa whether it's a boy or girl. What do you all think?"

This question was posted anonymously in Answers and not surprisingly, it was quite the conversation starter. There were a lot of responses. Here are the highlights:

"I'm sorry, but that would be an irresponsible thing to do—you have 3 kids and no money." — MrsOwen86

"If you can't support them, don't have them." — Lyndall

"I don't think you should have a baby—I think you should have ten babies."— anonymous

"I'm going to have to go with 'no' on that one. I don't want to have to pay for you have a baby when I am choosing to have only one because that is all we can afford. Babies are not a right." — peanutsmommy1

"The best thing you can do is wait until you or your hubby has a job—then make another baby. You can also get WIC, there are programs to help you out if you need it.
Being pregnant for nine months is also plenty of time to look for a job. — MissKellee

"Are you able to feed the three you have? Are you helping them to be smart and independent? Do you trust that your husband will have a job soon? If you answer yes to all of those, then have another baby and just be the best mom you can." —dbeard951

Having a baby is never your choice. It's always God's choice and it's always a blessing. — fluud7

Oh my gosh, I love the name Cocoa! jenerica

What do you think? Should someone with no money, no job, and three kids have a baby?


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mom2q... mom2queenie2004

It is just a really irresponsible thing to do.

2ndti... 2ndtimemom605

why?i cant picture it,instead of making a plan to improve your current situation you make a plan to have another baby?how did that conversation go?'oh im unemployed you are unemployed...sooo...lets have a 4th baby?'why??

joani... joaniedanger

no!  why would you do that ON PURPOSE.  to me that is selfish, think about the other three kids who likely have very little to begin with, then taking more away from them is not fair. 

SoKamele SoKamele

No...but stupid people do it all the time anyway with the expectations of others to pay for their selfishness. It's like being the Octomom. All about YOU!!

lady-... lady-J-Rock

I think that 9 months is long enough timne to get your things straight. I also know that it can go the other way too. Both working one partner gets laid off ahd then the other one does. or just one is working and he or se gets laid off. By then its too late to say oh no I anot be having this baby I cannot afford it.

ELnEM... ELnEMsMommy

No time is really the right time, right?  So why not?  LOLE

BJoan BJoan

Well.....definitely NOT! At least not plan to have one....If they found out they were having one even though it wasn't planned, I am not saying they should terminate a pregnancy because I agree that they can work it out one way or another. But, to me when you are planning something it should make sense! Having a baby you can't afford to take care of under stressful circumstances does NOT make sense!

Lindalu2 Lindalu2

Personally,I would not have another baby under those circumstances. What I don't understand is another post in which a woman says having a baby is never your choice, its God's choice. If that isn't a lame statement,I don't know what is. You alone have the choice to decide how many children you have,. It is irresponsible to have kids you can't afford and leaving it all on God is a cop-out and lazy,to boot. This woman already has three children-that is plenty.

prego... pregoperfectly

I wouldn't be rude and say NO DON'T HAVE ONE because that is none of my buisness.  Children are amazing, each one special.  If they choose to have another one, there is medicaid, foodstamps and WIC if it happens.  I know you don't have to be rich for your children to have what they need, when one of you said no, the other kids probably don't have what they need.  Obviously they do.  They have had three of them already!!!  They know what needs a child may have, and even though he is laid off he can find work and even she could part time.  Or something.  Nine months is a lot of time to think about it.  But don't be so quick to judge.  It isn't right.have a nice day

May-20 May-20

While I agree that there is not a perfect time to have a baby, there are times when it's really just plain wrong to have one. And if you and your spouse are both unemployed and are already raising kids on top of that, you don't need the added stress of a baby. Get your life back on track, take care of the kids you have, then (if you still want one) have another baby.

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