Does Your Mom Criticize Your Parenting?


does mom criticize your parenting

photo by AdrinaBabyMama

"I am a terrible mother—at least according to my mother," WifeyandMommy89 wrote in the CafeMom Newcomers Club. She's trying to wean her 16-month-old son off the bottle so she put him in his crib at nap time without it—he cried for about 20 minutes and then went to sleep for his usual 2 hours. "The entire time he was crying, I heard my mother saying to my sister, 'I don't think he's ready, she's forcing him to grow up too fast. I won't make him sleep without it.'"


WifeyandMommy89 solved that by throwing all the baby bottles away. Her attitude is, "He's not yours, he's mine," and it makes her angry that her mom would go against her wishes with her son.

I know exactly how she feels. My mom has been a great help to me with my baby, but she's always making little remarks about they way I do things and how I should be doing them and how she used to do them. I know she loves my baby more than anything in the world and I know she has her granddaughter's best interests in mind. But so do I. After all, I'm her mom.

Does your mother try to tell you "the best way" to raise your baby? How do you handle it?

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