Are You Raising Your Baby to Be Bilingual?


bilingual babies

Does your baby parlez vous

another language?

Mr. Cafe Suzanne is fluent in several languages and my hope was that he'd speak French to our baby so that she'd be bilingual. As someone who wishes she could speak another language, but can't, despite seven years of study (sorry, Madame Fisch), I think it's a great gift.


He agreed to my plan before our daughter arrived, but aside from singing her an occasional French song, he doesn't really speak French to her on a consistent basis. It's a shame, because there's a new study out that says bilingual babies have a learning advantage.

The study shows that bilingual babies adapt faster to different learning cues at seven months old compared with babies from single-language households. Does this mean that bilingual babies end up being smarter than other kids later in life? That remains to be seen, but it does show that babies benefit early on from having bilingual exposure, even when they can't talk yet.

Are you raising your baby to be bilingual?

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