Natural Baby Products That Don't Smell Like Dirty Hippies (Plus, They Help Kids With Autism)

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I love the idea of using green products on my daughter, but I want her to smell yummy and delicious like a baby. Unfortunately, most organic and natural products on the market (for babies and for adults) contain a strong dose of essential oils, which to me, smell like eau de crunchy hippie un-showered person. Maybe I had a bad experience in college once. Anyway, a strong essential oil scent is not what I'm looking for.


I've settled mostly on Weleda products—the diaper balm, bath wash, and body lotion—and I also use Burt's Bees Apricot Oil. Yes, they contain essential oils, but they don't smell like essential oils. I'm happy with the products, but I'm always up for trying something else—like the new line of natural baby products I just heard about called Green Elly Skincare. The products are supposed to smell amazing and fresh, like a clean baby.

Green Elly was started by Elly's mom, Melissa Malcolm, who wanted non-toxic, but pretty products to use on her daughter. The products are natural (but not organic) and safe: They're free of fragrance and phthalates (which can cause allergies and have been linked to birth defects); they're also free of parabens (preservatives that have been linked to breast cancer) and 1, 4 dioxane (a chemical that's known to cause cancer and has been found in other brands of baby products). So where does the great smell come from? A subtle combination of essential oils, natural flavors, and shea butter.

The line includes Cuddle Me Clean Foaming Wash, Cuddle Me Clean Gel Wash, Twinkle Time Massage Gel, Sweet Dream Cream, and Cutie's Patootie Paste diaper balm. Green Elly is currently offering $2 to $3 off the regular price of each product, so if you like it, stock up.

Another great thing about Green Elly: Part of the proceeds from the Twinkle Time Massage Gel go to autism research. I think that's pretty cool, and since April is Autism Awareness Month, that's the first product I'm going to try.

What's your favorite brand of baby products?

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