Does Your Husband Drive You Crazy?


hate husband after baby

photo by Teacher_Pam

When I was pregnant, I loved my husband in a way I never had before. Positive feelings for him pulsed through my body. It was euphoric. Then the baby came. And I hated my husband more than I've ever hated another human being. I have no idea why. I just couldn't stand the guy. I remember talking through clenched teeth a lot.


The good news is, I love my husband again. But there's no getting around the fact that having a baby changes a marriage. You're both tired and cranky—and chances are you don't get enough couple time. Angella over at Work It, Mom! has these ideas to help keep the spark in your marriage:

1. Have date nights. It doesn’t have to be an all-night affair.  Meeting together for an hour over coffee (sans baby) can do wonders for your psyche and help you remember why you married this "sperm donor" in the first place.

2. Talk about your expectations. Figure out what you need to get through the first couple of months, help-wise. Talk about what both of you expect during the stage and communicate what you need in order to keep you sane. While some women would like their partner to make dinner for them, others like the idea of having some "me time" in the kitchen while their significant other watches the baby.

3. Sleep when the baby sleeps. People tell you this all the time in your role as a mother, but it is also important in your role as a wife. Your hormones are raging, you're leaking from every possible area that you can, and unless you are an alien you might be a little out of sorts with your body in its post-baby gelatinous form. Throw in extra exhaustion and you may or may not have fire coming out of your eyes that you shoot it in the direction of your husband.

How are you feeling about your partner these days? What kinds of things do you do to help your relationship survive?


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