Baby's Death Prompts Recall of Convertible Cribs

PlayKids USA has announced a recall of 2,000 of its convertible cribs in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The crib's side are made of mesh that expands, which can create a gap between the side and the mattress that an infant could fall through. The CPSC reports that this happened to a 5-month-old baby in Brooklyn, New York, this summer. The baby became trapped between the mattress and the drop down rail, and suffocated.


The recall is for PlayKids U.S.A. convertible crib/playpen/bassinet/bed with model number PLK-909. "Playkids U.S.A." is shown on the packaging and on a lable sewn into the side of the crib. The model number can be found on the packaging. The crib is pictured here.

Please stop using this crib immediately and call PlayKids USA collect to receive a full refund, or to ask any questions, at 718-797-0302.

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