Babies Learning Sign Language

photo by Kurokami

Every Friday my baby and I go to a sign language class. There's singing and dancing and signing. I've heard about all the great benefits that sign language supposedly bestows—talking sooner, being smarter, and most importantly being able to communicate. It will eliminate the guesswork. I'll know exactly what my baby needs because she'll be able to tell me.


I got her started late: 6 to 8 months is primetime and she's already over the hill at 9 months. Still I thought we'd try it. I have nothing to report so far. In fact, I think my baby is purposefully refusing to sign. After all, I have managed to get her what she needs for all these months based on her different cries and sounds. But I did want to share with you a funny article I just read on, called "Use Your Words—Please! I Regret Teaching My Child Sign Language." The mom who wrote it taught her son sign language for all the usual reasons and now he's 17 months old and he still doesn't talk at all. No mama. No da da. No nothing. Take a look if you have a chance and you're looking for a laugh. How about you—did you teach (or are you planning to teach) your baby sign language? How did it go?

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