Get That Sick Baby Away From Me!


should sick kids go on playdates

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If your baby has a bug, do you bring her out?

When I worked in an office, it really bugged me when a super-sick co-worker would come to work instead of taking the day off to get better. He or she no doubt thought it showed what a dedicated employee he was. I always thought it was inconsiderate. One by one, the rest of the office inevitably got sick.

Now that I have a baby, there's the risk of something similar happening—a mom brings her sick baby to a group play date or a weekly mommy and me class, and the next thing you know, every baby in town is sick (I live in a small town).


This really annoys LovesBeingAMom7, who thinks sick kids should be kept at home. She started a conversation in The Cafe @ CafeMom asking, "Does it ever make you upset when parents bring their sick child to events? Would you ever say anything or ask someone to leave?"

Most of the moms who responded thought it was obnoxious to bring a sick kid to a social event. Some moms thought there was a difference between being really sick and having a cold (since those can go on for weeks). YuppyMom says sniffles, coughs, and runny noses don't keep her little ones home. But she follows these guidelines, and will not bring her kids out if:

1. They're actively throwing up or have thrown up within 24 hours from some sort of virus. 

2. They have the trots (currently or within the last 24 hours from some sort of virus—eating something bad doesn't count). 

3.  They have a fever above 100.

4.  They have a suspicious rash that could be linked to something viral.

Those seem like good guidelines.

What should you do or say if a sick baby is brought to your house and you do mind?

Mommy Dearest over at lilsugar had this advice for "Sick about  Sickness": "If someone arrives with an ill baby in tow, you might try a little honesty with a soft edge: 'Maybe today isn't such a great day to play. It's pretty obvious that she's not feeling well. We'd be happy to have you over for another play group when she's up to par.'"

How would you handle it if a mom brought her sick baby over to play with your baby?


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