Ever Been Caught Without a Diaper?


diaper emergency, caught wihtout a diaper

photo by ajc0623

I was always so on the ball when I first had my baby—I'd pack a large suitcase filled with everything we could possibly need during our 10 minute jaunt to the post office—extra clothes, diapers, books, toys, wipes, diaper cream, blankets. Now I often go out for hours and realize I've forgotten to bring any semblance of a diaper bag whatsoever. It's never been a problem except for once and I happened to be in Target so I just bought a pack of diapers—even though it wasn't my usual brand.


But babysugar of lilsugar wasn't so lucky. She recounts a pretty hilarious diaper emergency. She was in an airplane bathroom with one messy diaper and no clean one to replace it (it was in the overhead at the back of the plane) so she ended up making her own "diaper" by padding her daughter's bottom with paper towels—a lot of them.

Have you ever been caught without a diaper for your baby? What did you use?

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