Ever Been Caught Without a Diaper?



diaper emergency, caught wihtout a diaper

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I was always so on the ball when I first had my baby—I'd pack a large suitcase filled with everything we could possibly need during our 10 minute jaunt to the post office—extra clothes, diapers, books, toys, wipes, diaper cream, blankets. Now I often go out for hours and realize I've forgotten to bring any semblance of a diaper bag whatsoever. It's never been a problem except for once and I happened to be in Target so I just bought a pack of diapers—even though it wasn't my usual brand.

But babysugar of lilsugar wasn't so lucky. She recounts a pretty hilarious diaper emergency. She was in an airplane bathroom with one messy diaper and no clean one to replace it (it was in the overhead at the back of the plane) so she ended up making her own "diaper" by padding her daughter's bottom with paper towels—a lot of them.

Have you ever been caught without a diaper for your baby? What did you use?

poop & diapers


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mommy... mommykayti

Actually i have. Once or twice. If it wasn't poopy, I just made an extra stop at home on my way to wherever, or bought a package on my way. If it was poopy, I just PRAYED that he didnt pee on the way home, and praying worked for me lol. But that wasn't until he was a little older, probably about one, maybe fourteen months, so he could hold it longer.   =]

upint... upintrees

I have always lucked out in this situation by borrowing one from anotherh parent. :D

mamaxs4 mamaxs4

Once. My DD at the time was around 2 and we were at the dentist. I couldn't believe I had forgot a diaper!!! Well, she had pooped, luckily it wasn't a messy poop. It was solid that I was able to clean the diaper good enough that she could wear it long enough to get through the dentist appointment and get home. I was so glad she didn't normally pee heavily!

mumummum mumummum

Oh yeah. I have 2 in diapers. First and second kiddos I always remembered. Along comes 3 and I keep forgetting diapers wipes, snacks, clothes, etc. We were at the grocery store and both of them had dirty diapers that leaked. Nasty ones bc they were sick. All over their front and back and on the cart. I was mortified when i told the door greeter bout he cart even though I had it cleaned with wipes and rubbed down with antibacterial gel.

Pauli... Pauline3283

Once a year ago I found myself with no diapers left(I only brought one).  Thank God we use cloth!  I just tossed it in my granny's washer and he had another clean diaper.

Rylee... RyleeMendez

I was "just making a quick trip" to Wal-mart so I didn't bring ANYTHING with me.  My son decided to have EXPOLSIVE diarrhea and so... I'm trapped in the bathroom, trying to clean him up with paper towels and it's a mediocre job at best... so I put his pants back on him and begged him to hold it.  I just ran back to the back of the store, grabbed a package of diapers and opened them right there in the aisle and put on on him.  I told the checkout lady why the diapers were open and she just laughed lol

Andri... AndrisMom

We've been there. Fortunately, it's only happened at a family member's house. So I was able to wrap her in a towel pass her off and run to the store. I now keep an extra stash of diapers in the car, just in case...

poudm... poudmomof2

Just last night as a matter of fact-my daughter only uses them at night now.
So I used a swimmer-they do not hold it:( lol-lots of laundry today!!

ilove... ilovemyson2002

yes a few time with my 11 month old  went to doctor aptment or wic aptments  had no diaper and he was wet n once poop lucky they had diapers n thursday night 2nd let the diaper bag in the car n it was broke down across town lucky where we was at had a exta diaper but he was just wet

Lexsi... LexsiesMommy

...No.....i was never "trapped" like that on an airplane...i was always ABLE to get diapers, even if i had to purchase them, who in the heck would forget diapers on an airplane?


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