The Latest Rage in Car Safety for Your Baby


I just saw the coolest thing. I was out pushing my baby in her stroller while listening to my Walkman (I've been playing Madonna's new hit "Like a Virgin" over and over). As we walked through a parking lot, I noticed a yellow sign that said Baby on Board (like the one shown here) on a blue Ford Pinto. The owner of the car, who kind of looked like the mom on the Cosby Show, was just getting into it so I asked her what the sign was all about.



She told me the sign was created by this guy Michael Lerner, who had heard about similar stickers Europeans put on their cars. I wonder if Princess Diana put one on her car since she just had little Harry? Anyway, the sign is a way of reminding other drivers to be careful when they're on the road since there are so many cars carrying babies (including mine). The sign is about five inches and it has a little suction cup so you can attach it to your window. The best place for it is in the corner of your rear windshield.

I saw ten more Baby on Board signs on my way home so I popped into a phone booth and called my local baby store and asked them to hold one for me. I snagged the last one. Hurry up and get yours before they sell out—these things are going like hotcakes. The signs are a simple, cheap way to let other drivers know you're carrying precious cargo.

Do you have a Baby on Board sign yet?





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