When Was the Last Time You Shaved Your Legs?


have you stopped grooming since you had a baby

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After having a baby, everything seems like such a blur. This tiny wonderful thing comes into your life and takes up so much time it's incredible. I didn't have time to clean my house, eat, or even shower as much as I wanted to (or should have).


Over in the Just for Fun section of Answers, kabbot01 asked "When was the last time you shaved your legs? I shaved for my check-up after delivery—and that was three weeks ago."

Before my baby was born, I shaved my legs every day. Well, except for when I was too pregnant to do it. (Then, I had my husband shave them for me before we went to the hospital.)  I also colored my hair faithfully once a month, got pedicures once in a while, and had my eyebrows shaped every so often. Now? Not so much. My roots are showing, my toes are atrocious, and my eyebrows are looking a little caterpillary. I also haven't bought any new clothes in I don't know how long and I forget how to put on makeup. I'm the perfect candidate for one of those makeover shows. Clinton? Stacy? Are you listening? I just don't have time. You'll be happy to know, however, that I do always manage to brush my teeth at least twice every day.

Have you let any of your personal grooming habits fall by the wayside since having your baby?


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