"Boob Nazi," "Baby Mama": What "Mommy" Term Do You "Mothers" Hate?


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There are certainly a lot of names for moms: Mother, mommy, mama, momma, baby mama, mamacita. And for moms who stay at home: Stay at Home Mom, domestic engineer, homemaker, housewife. And for moms who breastfeed: Boob Nazi, Breastfeeding Nazi, mom who breastfeeds. The list goes on. The problem is, it's hard not to use any term without offending someone.


hillmom dislikes anything that has the word Nazi attached to it, like Boob Nazi or Breastfeeding Nazi. She says people toss the term Nazi around without considering its true meaning and she finds it offensive. I think she's right. She prefers to be called a breastfeeding advocate.

Fistandantalus finds the term Baby Mama to be insulting. She says the proper term for all of us is "mother." How do all you mothers feel about this?

justanotherjen doesn't like being called a homemaker because it implies that she should be "making her home" by cleaning all day. Others say that while they don't find the term homemaker offensive, they do think it's outdated. Yet, many moms (mothers, baby mamas, ______) do like being called homemakers. MommosCooCoo says, "I am honored to be called a homemaker. I try to create a warm loving place which is good to come home to."

kaycee14 says, "I have found that if I say I'm a stay-at-home-mom, people think I sit around all day eating bon-bons and watching soaps. If I say I'm a homemaker, they think I clean bathrooms and cook all day."

Some moms think Mamacita is endearing; others find it offensive.

jajamama hates when her baby calls her "mama." Hmm. She prefers mom or mommy. Conversely, anestheticsex says "mommy" makes her cringe, and she prefers mama.

It seems there's no pleasing everyone. Oh, wait a minute, Kat122 says she's "a shopper, caregiver, doctor, advice columnist, banker, psychiatrist, referee, hugger, teacher, manager, beautician, barber, baker, chef, and my goodness the list goes on and on." I think we can all agree with that!

I'm not even going to get into "Baby Daddy."

Tell me: What "mommy" term do you dislike most and why? What do you like to be called?

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