Will You Enter Johnson's Big Bubblin' Stars Contest? (The Grand Prize is $10,000!)

Have you heard about Johnson and Johnson's "Big Bubblin’ Stars" Campaign? Check out this video and find out how to enter to win $10,000, plus an assortment of Johnson's products.

It seems easy enough. All you have to do is take a video showing the ways you and your baby have fun in the tub and upload it to the Johnson's channel, where it will be voted on (the actress Angie Harmon is one of the judges). Your baby must be between  six months old and three years old at the time you enter, and you must enter by April 26.


Ten Thousand dollars is a lot of money. (First prize is $3,000 plus products, and Second prize is $1,000 plus products.) The problem with the contest for some moms might be the findings in the recent "No More Toxic Tub" report released by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Lab tests found that Johnson's shampoo and baby washes contained two potentially allergy- and cancer-causing chemicals. This led some supermarkets in China (the land of lead paint and polluted air) to pull J & J products from its shelves, but Chinese health authorities have since declared Johnson's products safe to use.

The products do meet FDA regulations (but for that matter, so does bisphenol-A), and some critics of the report say the amounts of the ingredients are too minuscule to be a problem. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics disagrees and says that baby products should be toxin-free and completely safe.

What do you think? Will you enter the contest? Does the controversy surrounding Johnson's products affect your willingness to promote them? Or is the fact that they are FDA-approved mean they're A-okay for your baby?

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