What Would You Write on Your Post-Baby Postcard?


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photo from Amazon

Post Partum cards, $8.95

After I had my baby, I flew under the radar ... way under the radar. It took me a while to recover so I didn't e-mail or make phone calls, or even send out baby announcements.

I wish I had these new Post Partum Cards featured on Cool Mom Picks. The set of 32 note cards for "new, barely conscious moms" includes eight designs that say things like "Wish you were here... helping with the baby so I could get some sleep, damn it." and "Lost My Waist. Last seen _____."

They're a great way to let your friends know you're doing okay—and that you still have your sense of humor.

If you could make your own post-baby note card to send to friends, what would it say?

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