Do You Have Your Baby's Easter Outfit Yet?


baby easter dress, easter coat

photo by WeeKnit

Easter egglets, $12 for three, etsy

When I was a little girl we got new outfits every Easter—dresses, coats, and hats. The pictures all look so sweet. I'm trying to find my daughter something special to wear, but it's really hard to find a traditional (or maybe you'd call it old-fashioned) dress. Lots of what I'm finding seems to be adult clothes made for babies. And it's impossible to find a proper coat. There are jackets and play coats and rain slickers, but I can't find a "dressy" coat. I had the same problem at Christmas time. I'm going to keep up my search, but time is running out. If you have any ideas, please let me know.


Are you getting your baby a special outfit for Easter? What is he or she wearing?

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