Links I Love: Yummy Birthday Cakes, Can You Really Work and Breastfeed?


birthday cakes, breastfeeding and working, dangerous baby gear

photo by 06-07mom

Is it really possible to breastfeed and have a fulltime job? — Work It, Mom!

Finally, a book that tells us how to raise a perfect baby. — Momlogic

After having a baby in the hospital, are you ready to give birth at home— Pregnancy Buzz


Mom of ten has tips for cheap family fun! — Entertainment Buzz

If baby gear is so dangerous—walkers, bath seats—why can I still buy it? — Babble

Cute booties for your baby. — lilsugar

The secret to making your family a good meal for $5 or less. — Food & Party Buzz

Does being a mom come naturally or is it something you have to learn? — Motherlode

Planning your baby's birthday party? Check out these 31 cake designs. Yum! — Parenting



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