Who Do You Love More: Your Baby or Your Dog?

photo by curveymama

Would you give your dog away if it snapped at your baby? That's what one of the members of the 2007 Babies group asked (this is a private group that you have to join). Before I continue, I'd just like to point out that the adorable dog shown here is not the dog in question ...


As you can imagine, the question got many responses, some saying they'd get rid of the dog, "As much as I love my dogs (and I do, I've had them ten and six years), I would take them out in the backyard and shoot them if they showed their teeth to my son."

Others who said they'd keep it. "I wouldn't get rid of the dog. I've had animals my entire life and they are just like humans where they don't like people invading their personal space."

But my favorite response was from the mom who wrote, "That is a tough decision. I'm very glad our dog's a coward and just runs away from our son!"

What would you do?

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