It's Good to Surprise Your Sitter Once in a While



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How's your babysitter doing?

I'm one of those moms who hardly ever leaves her baby, and when I do, the only people I trust her with are my parents, my sisters, and my husband. I consider myself fortunate that I can work from home. If I had to hire a caretaker, I don't know how I'd be able to leave my daughter without having a nervous breakdown—especially after reading Mailaknee's post "Guess what my private sitter did?" in the CafeMom Newcomers Club.


"My daughter is six months old and has been going to a private sitter since she was eight weeks. Last week, the mom of one of the children in the sitter's care arrived at her house earlier than usual to pick up her baby. She found her 5-month-old daughter strapped in her car seat with a towel tied around her neck holding her bottle in her mouth. The mom called and told me what happened and I went over there and got my daughter right away. She and my friend's baby are now in good hands. I just wanted to share this with you all as a reminder that it is not a bad thing to surprise your sitter by arriving early once in a while."

Have you ever surprised your sitter? Did you ever find him or her doing anything wrong?


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Peajewel Peajewel

I surprised mine once with my son (not on purpose, I just got off work early) and my son was in a high chair and he had been crying for awhile you could tell and as I walked to get him out, I was shocked to see his diaper bag still has all the snacks and food in them and diapers that I had taken for the day!  I took my son out of the high chair and wiped his little face and hugged him for a minute.  She walked over to me and gave me a diaper and said he had just gone to the bathroom and when I changed the diaper it was clear it had not been changed all day long! Then when I turned back around the diaper bag was empty and she said he had eaten everything and had been a good boy.  Her son was the same age as mine so I don't know if she was taking my food and diapers and using them on her son and just leaving my son sit in a dirty diaper all day long or what but I did not say a word, I just picked up the diaper bag and left and never went back. 

I also had one feed my son stale bread for punishment once.  I am so glad this time around I have my Mom to babysit for me!

SAHMo... SAHMomOf3

Wow! All the more reason why I don't let anyone but my family members watch my kids!

madam... madamekatekate

I just don't see how anyone could treat a baby like that. Not even before I was a mom.

I had prided myself on being a good babysitter in middle and highschool. ...I just don't get it.

Jenniy Jenniy

I took DD to a home daycare for a bit, the woman that ran it continued to take out the ponytail holders I put in her hair and put rubberbands in it, everyday I had to cut the rubberbands out of her hair while she cried saying it hurt.  After 3 days of telling the lady to stop putting the rubberbands in, and just keep the ponytail holders in her hair, I stopped sending her there.  After that she went to a daycare called Milestones where a friend of mine was her Daycare Teacher. 

MomTo... MomToBeISaMom

I drop in to my daughters home daycare all the time.  I've never found anything wrong, and I don't think I have anything to worry about.

corby... corbysmom531

Wow!  As a nanny I am appalled to hear those stories!  I was a nanny before I was a mom, and I got surprised all the time.  There wasn't anything that I would have been caught doing that I wouldn't do right in front of the parents.  Now, I babysit at my home, and although it's a little more hectic now, NEVER would I do that to a child.  That's just wrong. 

Alayn... Alaynajadesmom


laura... laura7485

Wow. I have never had a babysitter, but I know that I would be worried about my kids all day! I was trying to watch some kids in my home during the day, I was even offering web cam access to the play room, which is where we would spend all of our time. I could turn the camera to the kitchen or the backyard when we were in those rooms, just so the parents could check in at anytime. No one answered my ads, so I got a part time job in the evenings..


I came home early from school one day, before I could be accepted into the college daycare program. My babysitter was outside smoking, leaving my baby unsupervised, and I ALSO saw that her carseats were like from the 80's. My baby came home reeking of smoke, which led me to believe that she had also been smoking in the house. When I came early that particular day, she chucked her cig and ran back into the house. After that day, I NEVER EVER went back there again. I used my sister's mother in law after that, a much better fit.

chelsey7 chelsey7

I am a full time nanny for an awesome family in Kaysville and I know there are some pretty awful horror stories out there! But I can promise that we are not all bad! I love my job and watch 3 gorgeous kids! They are a crazy handful but I treat them as I would if they were my own kids! No child deserves cruel punishments or to be ignored and not taken care of (i.e. not changing diapers/ feeding etc.) Its scary some of the people out there. But I consider myself "one of the good ones."

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