Should Michael Jackson Be Allowed to Have Another Baby?


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Is Michael Jackson too bad

to be a dad?

Michael Jackson—pop star, father to Paris, Prince, and Blanket, and 50-year-old man who once faced (and was cleared of) child molestation charges—wants to be a daddy again. Jackson, who will be performing sold-out concerts in Britain this July, has reportedly told his associates to make contact with an adoption agency there. Apparently he believes he is an "ideal" adoptive parent.


According to a source in Britain's Daily Express, "[Jackson] senses he is viewed differently here than he is in the States. Before his concerts he has said he wants to spend at least three weeks in Britain, getting used to the time zone and exploring the country. It is during this period that he wants to have meetings about adoption. He has not said if he wants a boy or a girl, just that it would be good for the family to have ­another brother or sister."

This is a tough one. I pretty much believe that anyone who wants to be a parent should be one and it's not for us to decide that they can't be because they are too fat or too poor or too anything. But Michael Jackson really wigs me out. I feel so bad for the three kids he's already raising.

What do you think? Should Michael Jackson be allowed to adopt a baby?

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