Lighted Nail Clipper: Love it or Leave it?


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photo from Baby Light and Clip

I have a friend who has never trimmed her son's fingernails. He's now three. It just makes her too nervous so she always begged someone else to do it for her—her husband, her babysitter, the mailman. A lot of other moms I know use their teeth to bite their baby's nails down.


I've never had a problem using a baby nail clipper, but that could be because my daughter has always had really long fingers. I suspect the whole nail cutting thing is much more nerve-wracking when you've got a tiny little one with tiny little fingers.

But you've got to clip them—infants tend to scratch themselves a lot unless you keep them mittened-up 24/7. If you're nervous about it, here's an option: Cut your baby's nails while she's sleeping. And do it in the dark. Sound good?

Baby Light & Clip is a nail clip with a light that illuminates under your baby's nail (see photo) so that you can safely cut them. You can use it in the dark or in a dimly lit room while your baby sleeps so you won't have to deal with wiggling hands. The clipper has a nail clipping tray so that clippings don't fall into your baby's bedding.

Baby Light & Clip is $14.99, and you can buy it online at Baby Light and Clip.

What do you think? Would you buy it?

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