Has Your Winter Coat Had It? Make Diaper Covers

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photo from threehappytrees

diaper cover, $14

It might not feel like it in some parts of the country, but spring has sprung. I don't think my winter coat is going to make it another year, so rather than put it in storage I thought I'd bring it to Goodwill. But I just came across a great idea on Inhabitots.


Blogger Desmond Williams suggests using your old winter coat (or your baby's or bigger kid's) to make diaper covers. I've just taken up sewing again and this seemed like a good project to start with. I found that even if you're not a seasoned seamstress, it's not that hard if you follow these detailed "Sew a Wool Diaper Cover" instructions (there are photos too) on the Very Baby Blog.

If you don't have anything to recycle (or the idea of sewing anything gives you an anxiety attack), there are some cute handmade diaper covers on Etsy—many of them are made from recycled materials, like the one with the little heart plant shown here. It's the perfect thing for your baby to wear on Earth Day, don't you think?

Do you recycle your clothes to make diaper covers or even clothes for your baby? Got any ideas you'd like to share?

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