5 Buying-for-Baby Tips from a Super Thrifty Mom

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Angie Wynne of

Baby Cheapskate and Freepeats

Yesterday, we met Angie Wynne, the thrifty mom behind the money-saving sites Baby Cheapskate and Freepeats. Today Angie shares her top five tips on how to save money on baby stuff.


1. Don't try to anticipate your baby's every need. Wait until you know you need a piece of baby gear before you buy it. Take baby swings, for example. Only about 50 percent of babies like them; the other 50 percent like bouncers. Very few babies like both. If you buy both just so you'll have your bases covered you'll most likely end up wasting money.

2. Try to get as many items for free as you can. Accept hand-me-downs from other moms and search for freebies at Freepeats, Freecycle, and Craigslist.

3. Buy second-hand whenever you can. Hit local consignment sales and kiddie consignment shops as well as garage sales and thrift stores.

4. When it comes to buying new, do your research. Learn how much the items you're interested in buying for your baby cost when they're not on sale. That way, you'll know what kind of bargain you're getting when you see them on sale. Again, try to save at least 25% off the list price.

5. Sign up for diaper and formula coupons if you think you'll need them. Use your coupons and formula checks during sales to maximize your savings.

Have you ever tried Freepeats, Freecycle or Craigslist? Did you have a good experience?

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