Did You "Dress Up" to Give Birth?


birthing gown, maternity dress, cute dress to give birth in

photo from Daniela Corte

I've heard of women packing something comfy to wear after they've given birth, but I never knew that some moms-to-be might want a special little something to wear while they're giving birth.

Momlogic is giving one lucky winner a Dar-a-luz ("to give birth" in Spanish) birthing dress (shown here). They say "the fluorescent lighting of a hospital isn't the most flattering, so why not wear something to make you feel cute while performing the most important duty of your life?"

Forgetting about the $98 price tag for a minute, I'm not so sure anything could have made me feel or look "cute" while I was having my baby. Bad fluorescent lighting and what I was wearing were the last things on my mind.

How about you? Did you want to "feel cute" while you were in labor and delivery? Did you wear a special outfit? If you're having more kids, would you get one for next time?

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