Pediatricians Say Babies Need Vitamin D

Is your baby getting enough vitamin D? Recent studies show that he or she might not be. And that would be a bummer because Vitamin D helps keep bones strong, and it may reduce your child's risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.


The American Academy of Pediatrics has made a new recommendation that children (we're talking all ages ... from newborns to teens) should get 400 units of vitamin D every day. If you're giving your little one baby formula, you probably don't have to worry since it contains vitamin D. But breast milk is sometimes vitamin D deficient, so if you breastfeed exclusively or do a combination of breast milk and formula, the AAP recommends that you supplement your baby with a daily dose of D.

If you're concerned, the AAP's website has a pretty comprehensive list of questions and answers about vitamin D and your baby.

Do you plan on giving your baby vitamin D?

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