Links I Love: Stop Telling Me About Your Baby's Poop; Old Dads Make Dumb Babies


decorating nursery, peanut allergies

photo by mrsahlfs

Looking for inpsiration for your nursery? Former Mom Writes blogger gives us a tour of hers. Home & Garden Buzz

Researchers may have found a cure for peanut allergies in kids. — Food & Party Buzz

Stop using Facebook to tell me about the color of your baby's poop. Use CafeMom instead! — Momlogic


How would you react if a child murderer moved to your town? lilsugar

Can dads share in breastfeeding the baby? — Motherlode

Older men make dumber babies. — Lemondrop

Your friend just had a miscarriage. Here's what to say. — Pregnancy Buzz

New mom and breastfeeder of sick babies, Salma Hayek, shares her beauty secrets. — Beauty & Style Buzz



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