Baby Toys: Splurge vs. Steal

recession guideThere's an online baby store called fawn & forest that I really love. It sells baby clothes, toys, furniture, and more. It's way too expensive for me so I've never actually bought anything—I just "window shop" and get inspired. But I just found a way to get some of the beautiful toys it sells for less.


I got on Etsy and searched for toys similar to those I liked at fawn & forest, and I was surprised to find pretty much everything I looked for. In some cases, I even ended up liking the Etsy toy better! And I like knowing that if I buy from Etsy I'm helping out an individual craftsperson. Here are the splurges I saw on fawn & forest, and their less expensive Etsy counterparts:

The Rocking Horse


wood rocking horse

photo from fawn & forest







Splurge: Celery Lullaboo Rocking Pony, fawn & forest, $165


wood rocking horse

photo from Etsy







Steal: Pine rocking horse, littlesaplingtoys, $49


The Soft Blocks Set

soft blocks for baby

photo from fawn & forest




Splurge: Organic Soft Block Set (of 3), fawn & forest, $38


soft baby blocks

photo from Etsy






Steal: Soft Blocks (set of 3), LRVCustomCreations, $3


The Wooden Teether


wooden teether

photo from fawn & forest








Splurge: Little Alouette Oval Wooden Teether, fawn & forest, $17


photo from Etsy







Steal: Wooden Turtle Teething Toy, Etsy, $7


You don't have to like or buy any of these toys, but the idea is, if you're looking for something special for your baby at a great price, try Etsy.

Have you gotten your baby something really fabulous for a steal lately?

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