Company From Hell: What to Do When Not-So-Gracious Guests Visit Your New Baby?

rules for visiting new baby

photo by Mommy.Megs

After I had my baby, the visits started. Some people were extremely considerate and waited a a few weeks or so, asked if we were "taking visitors" yet. When they did come, they brought yummy meals for us, and made the visit short and sweet. Others weren't as thoughtful. They came in like gang busters, expected us to give them a meal, and stayed for hours.


Today, lilsugar has tips for visiting a new baby, which is great, but it doesn't address how new parents can handle visitors. I was hoping you could all chime in, so we can help tired moms of newborns deal with oblivious visitors. Here are some of lilsugar's suggestions for those visiting and my questions for you as those "hosting."

1. Let the parents pick the date. This one is a no-brainer. Popping in for a surprise visit on new parents is a definite no-no! How should you handle it if someone does stop by unexpectedly?

2. Don't wear out your welcome. This is what happened to me. I just sat there, exhausted and wanting to cry—I didn't know how to get my friend out of my house without being rude. What should I (or Mr. Cafe Suzanne) have done or said?

3. Keep your cooties. Don't visit if you or your kids are sick! If someone shows up with a cold, don't let them hold the baby. I'd make a joke and say something like, "I'm being a baby hog and not letting anyone hold him yet. You can come over and hold him at 3 a.m." Also, if the idea of germs on your baby bother you (they don't bug all new moms), keep a bottle of Purell or Clean Well somewhere out in the open as a not-so-subtle hint for all visitors. What would you do if a visitor brings her sick kid?

4. Prepared food makes a great gift. It sure does. Friends and family brought us some great meals. I was always starving from breastfeeding and didn't have time to cook. What other things besides food do you wish people had thought to do or bring?

5. Ask if they need any errands run before heading over. This is also a really thoughful one. If people called on their way over, they could grab some diapers or a gallon of milk. Did anyone run errands for you? Do you wish they had?

What suggestions do you have for visitors of new babies? What do you wish people had or hadn't done?

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