Did You Bank Your Baby's Cord Blood?

banking cord blood babyI thought about banking my baby's umbilical cord blood, but ultimately my husband and I decided not to do it. But I actually think it's a good idea. Mommyof2soon411 is thinking about storing her baby's cord blood so she sought advice from the other moms and moms-to-be in the Pregnancy group.


Many of the moms said they thought banking cord blood was a good idea and would have done it if they could have afforded it. One mom, momandwife00, did opt to store it. "I view it as insurance for my kids," she said. "Banking cord blood is a great thing, but it is expensive."

So how can you make it work? McDonaldInc is doing it with the help of a payment plan and donnamomma set up a gift registry. According to momandwife00, two of the big private cord blood banks, Cord Blood Registry (CBR) and Viacord both offer payment plans, and you can even find discount coupon codes on their sites. You can also find a gift registries on both Viacord and CBR.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) thinks private cord blood banking isn't really necessary (except in cases where a sibling with a medical condition could benefit from cord blood transplantation). It says that the likelihood that a child would need his own stored stem cells is very small. The AAP does, however, recommend donating cord blood to a public bank instead, which can match the stem cells with patients in need nationwide.

Did you bank your baby's cord blood or did you donate it to a public cord bank? How did you make your decision? If you are storing it, how are you handling the cost?

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